Call for Abstracts

HOPOS 2018 
Groningen, The Netherlands
July, 9-12, 2018
Keynote speakers
  • Karen Detlefsen (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Martin Kusch (University of Vienna)

HOPOS: The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science will hold its twelfth international congress in Groningen, The Netherlands, 9–12 July, 2018.  The Society hereby requests proposals for papers and symposia to be presented at the meeting.

HOPOS is devoted to promoting serious, scholarly research on the history of the philosophy of science. We construe this subject broadly, to include topics in the history of related disciplines and in all historical periods, studied through diverse methodologies. We aim to promote historical work in a variety of ways, but especially through encouraging exchange among scholars through meetings, publications, and electronic media. The program committee particularly encourages submissions on philosophical themes that cross time periods.

The conference language is English.  

Proposals for papers should be prepared for anonymous review. Proposals should include:
  • Title and abstract of the paper (maximum 500 words).
Proposals for symposia should be prepared for anonymous review. Proposals should include:
  • Title of the symposium.
  • Symposium summary statement (maximum 500 words).
  • Titles of the belonging papers
  • A symposium should consist of 3 or 4 papers.
  • All abstracts of papers should be uploaded separately
If you have inquiries about the submission process, please write to 
For inquiries about the conference, please write to


Program Committee
  • Carla Rita Palmerino (Radboud University, Nijmegen), "Kant and Before" Subcommittee Chair
  • Han Thomas Adriaenssen (University of Groningen)
  • Delphine Bellis (University of Montpellier)
  • Lisa Downing (The Ohio State University) 
  • James G. Lennox (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Daniel Sutherland (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Audrey Yap (University of Victoria), "After Kant" Subcommittee Chair
  • Cristina Chimisso (Open University)
  • Alexander Klein (California State University, Long Beach)
  • Gregory Lavers (Concordia University)
  • Thomas Staley (Virginia Tech)
  • Paul Ziche (Utrecht University)
A new mentoring program will be launched at HOPOS 2018. The chief objective of this program is to help junior scholars to receive feedback on their paper. Each mentee will be matched with a mentor in their field of research, who will give advice on how to turn their HOPOS conference paper into a writing sample for job applications and/or a paper to be submitted to a journal. The program is open to all junior scholars, but priority will be given to underrepresented groups within philosophy. Details about how to participate will be forthcoming.